Get to know Polworks

We find the best professionals

Specialised knowledge and experience

As an employment agency we have a team of experienced recruitment specialists. Our great(deep) knowledge of the labor market; modern trends in industries and the specifics of different sectors allows us to effectively match candidates to specific job positions.

Saving time and resources

By working with us, clients gain not only professional recruitment service; but also save valuable time and resources. We handle the end-to-end process, including job advertising, candidate selection, interviews and pre-tests. Thanks to this our partners are left with more resources to achieve thir key business goals

Extensive network of candidates

As an employment agency we have an extensive network of contacts and a database of potential employees. As a result we are able to quickly respond to client demand, finding suitable clients even for highly specialized positions. Our ability to source talent from different sources allows us to meet even the most demanding expectations for our business partners.

Why Polworks

By choosing our employment agency; clients gain a partner who is able to flexibly adapt to unique requirements and specifics of the given company. Our approach is based on understanding the client's individual needs, this allows us to successfully adapt the recruitment strategy to meet specific expectations.

Our many years of experience in the recruitment industry provide a solid foundation for successful actions. We have carried out recruitment projects in verious sectors, gaining necessary knowledge and skills necessary to successfully recruit the most suitable candidates. Our references and successes confirms our ability to successfully match our employees to a variety of roles.

Our employment agency employs a team of highly qualified specialists in the field of recruitment and human resource management. Each project is handled by a dedicated team that actively cooperates with the client at each stage of the recruitment process. As a result, we provide a comprehensive and personalized service taking care of every detail in order to meet the expectations of our partners.

Working with our agency is based on transparency and a partnership approach. We provide a regular reporting on the progress of the recruitment process, open communication and active cooperation with the client. Our goal is to build a long term relationship based on trust and effectiveness.